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Exterior Home Repairs, Projects & Maintenance Naperville

Our professional handymen are experts when it comes to gutter and siding repair services to improve the look (and value) of your yard. Let the professionals from Expert Level Home Services elevate your Curb Appeal!

Playset Construction, Installation, and Repair

Purchasing the swingset for your kids is only half the battle. The real hassle comes with assembling the swingset so your kids can enjoy it.  What was described by the Big Box store as a weekend project can easily take a few weeks and by the time you are done, the summer is gone.

Let our pros handle the swing set assembly so your kids can play now. We have experience with swing set assemblies of all kinds, so you know your job will be done and provide a safe structure for your kids to play on.

Barbecue Grill Assembly

Our pros can take care of your grill assembly so you can start enjoying the grill without the hassle of setup.

Patio Furniture Assembly

While we’re preparing the rest of your exterior space for spring we can take care of any patio furniture assembly you need.

Broken Window Replacement and Repair

Sometimes the unforeseen happens and your home needs a window replacement.  It may be broken or insulated inefficiently. We’ll take care of any single window replacements that big companies won’t bother with.

From a single window replacement to simply fixing sticky window locks or difficult-to-open windows, Expert Level Home Services can take care of your window replacement. If it’s energy efficiency you’re after, we can also look at improving the efficiency of your attic insulation.

Window Screen Replacement and Repair Services

Sometimes window screen repair can be easy, and sometimes it can be a hassle.  We’ll take the hassle out of the repair by fixing it for you.  Is your window screen ripped, torn, or covered in holes? Maybe you have a broken window screen frame. Expert Level will find the solution to your problems.

Gutter and Downspout Cleaning Services

Backed-up gutters and downspouts can cause unseen damage to your roofline, insulation, and your roof itself.  If your gutters are backing up, Expert Level can clean gutters and clean downspouts and determine if there are other underlying issues that cause backups.

If your home is surrounded by trees and you’ve invested in a type of gutter guard system, Expert Level can take care of the installation.  Stay off the ladder and let our professionals take care of the gutter guard or leaf guard installation.

Gutter and Downspout Repair Services

Did the most recent storm take out a piece of your gutter?  We respond quickly to replace or repair any damaged gutters or downspouts because we know that damage can lead to further, more expensive damage.  When it comes to gutter repair and downspout replacement, let the pros at Expert Level take care of the work.

Broken Fence Repair Services

The Midwest weather can beat down any unattended old fence until it finally gives. But replacing a fence can be costly.  Expert Level Home Services can repair your wooden fence or gate and save you time, money, and headaches. Give us a call and we’ll take care of your wooden fence repair.

Patio, Deck, and Porch Cleaning Services

When the weather elements take their toll on your deck or patio, scheduling maintenance can bring your patio and deck back to life. Expert Level Home Services can power wash your patio, replace rotted boards on the deck, or repair broken spindles on railings.

Our deck cleaning and repair services include:

  • Deck board replacement
  • Deck resurfacing
  • Deck board repair
  • Deck staining
  • Deck painting
  • Deck railing repair
  • Deck railing installation
  • Deck board installation
  • Deck cleaning and sealing

While We’re There…

We specialize in completing small to medium projects around your home, so while we’re there, think of the other home projects which have been delayed or become problematic.  Many jobs could be completed the same day, giving your home a quick face-lift, alleviating some of your worries around the home, and saving you time so you can get back to life. Let the trusted pros at Expert Level Home Services help with anything from a broken tile replacement to changing an out-of-reach smoke detector.

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