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Posted on: September 5th, 2023

Just like visiting the dentist every six months or an annual doctor’s visit, your home should have regular maintenance check-ups as well. By scheduling regular home improvement or maintenance, you can avoid increased costs and repairs down the road. Check out some of these home maintenance items to possibly address this coming fall.

Exterior Spigot Shutoff

If you have a spigot/hose bibb/exterior faucet on the outside of the home, prepping it for freezing temps is an easy way to avoid devastating water damage and renovation bills. You can shut the water supply to the faucet off if there was a shut off valve installed for your spigot. It can usually be found inside your home, on the other side of the wall from your spigot, usually in the ceiling of your basement. If there is no shut off valve, an inexpensive, preventative solution is an outdoor foam faucet cover. If your faucet is dripping, this definitely needs to be addressed prior to winter.

Door and Window Leaks

Checking for proper window and door weather stripping is a way to keep your home warm in the cooler months and prevent higher heating bills. If you can see daylight thru the seal of a closed door, this is another sure sign. Another easy way to see if your door has proper weather stripping, is to close your door over a piece of paper. If you can easily pull out the paper, the door is not fully sealed properly. Adjustments may be needed to your door’s hinges or threshold, or it may need refreshed weather stripping or a door sweep. You could also consider installing a new storm door as an extra layer of insulation, which also doubles as adding curb appeal.

Siding Repairs

Fall is also a good time to have any split or cracked wood siding repaired and vinyl siding reattached. Snow and ice can find its way behind wooden siding in disrepair, so take care of it now to avoid further damage. Look for cedar or wood siding with soft spots or holes from woodpecker damage. Splits can also occur in wood panel siding and cedar siding from freeze and thaw. Many issues can be solved with some well placed high-quality caulking, while others demand a replacement of the plank or board. If you have vinyl siding, look for holes from lawnmower debris or wind damage, and replace those vinyl siding panels with a new one.

Deck Repairs

Sitting snow and ice can accelerate damage to a deck or porch, so replacing rotted boards now will prevent wood rot from becoming any worse and potential for insect infiltration. If the deck boards are too badly damaged, they create a safety issue while you are shoveling snow off of your deck this winter. Look for soft or loose deck boards, separated or loose porch spindles and railing. A good wood quality test to perform on potentially rotted deck boards is to poke it with a thin blunt object, such as a pen or screwdriver. If the screwdriver sinks into the wood, it likely needs to be replaced. Once your boards are replaced or repaired, and as long as it is performed before temps linger around 40 degrees and cooler, applying a stain or sealer to your deck will protect your wooden deck or porch from the elements over the winter and throughout next summer. You’ll also be ready to entertain and BBQ come those first warm days in spring!

The experts and handymen at Expert Level Home Services can help with any items you don’t have time to tackle, so let us know today how we can help you prep your home for the coming season!

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