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Kitchen Services

A kitchen is a gathering place, and we can help keep it perfect when it needs repairs or replacements. 

Backsplash Installation

Adding a backsplash to your kitchen adds another dimension of style and color.  Expert Level Home Services can perform your kitchen tile backsplash installation quickly and cleanly so you can start using your new beautiful kitchen again. We can also help with regrouting or repairing individual tiles in an existing backsplash.  

Kitchen Tile Repair

Tile damage can occur to your bathroom floor tile, kitchen floor tile, shower and tub walls, kitchen backsplashes and everything in between.  When tile damage occurs, it can be dangerous, unsightly and sometimes just plain irritating.  Expert Level has experience in replacing tile for all of the rooms in your home, so whether its anything from backsplash tile replacement to kitchen tile repair to foyer floor tile replacement, let us do the work. 

Garbage Disposal Installation

A garbage disposal is an integral part of our kitchen, able to gobble up anything we throw at it.  Sometimes we throw a little too much at it though and it shuts down.  Expert level Home Services can take care of the garbage disposal replacement so your kitchen is 100% back up and running.

Kitchen Sink Installation

 Transforming your kitchen can be as simple as installing a new sink.  Let the pros at Expert Level install your new sink or repair the sink which is already there.  

While We're There...

We specialize in completing small to medium projects around your home, so while we're there, think of the other home projects which have been delayed or become problematic.  Many jobs we could complete same day, giving your home a quick face-lift, alleviating some of your worries around the home, and saving you time so you can get back to life. Let the trusted pros at Expert Level Home Services help with anything from garage maintenance to hanging picture frames.

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