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Household Carpentry Services

With a number of carpentry services offered, we can take care of most any custom project.

Install Crown Molding Installation and Repair

If you are introducing the style of crown molding into your living or dining room, the pros at Expert Level can finish, paint and install crown molding to immediately bring added value to your home.  The simple addition of crown molding to your dining room, living room, and even basement can increase value to your home, create awe-inspiring reactions by guests and add another element to your design space.  While we're adding the crown molding, we can also replace trim, doors and door hardware, including door knobs, hinges and locks.  Don't overlook the power of dimension as swapping out standard laminate doors for 6 panel doors adds a richness to your home.

Door Installation and Repair

New home with a faded front door? Increasing home value with 6 panel or solid wood doors?  Installing matching door hardware?  We have the experience to take care of your door repair or installation project.  Once you have the new front door picked out, ExpertSuperior Level can install it, whether it is swapping out just the door panel or installing an entire doorframe.    New doors can do more than just bring a new look to your home.  Doors are now built to provide more efficient protection from the elements, providing better energy efficiency.  A new door and lock installation can also provide better security for your home and family.  And don't underestimate the value a new door installation brings to your curb appeal.  Let Expert Level help with your next door or door hardware installation project..

Countertop Installation and Repair

The countertops in your house are durable but take a lot of abuse, so the experts at Expert Level can repair your countertop or handle a new countertop installation. Be it a quartz countertop in the kitchen or a marble countertop in the bathroom, Expert Level can repair or replace your countertop. If it is a bathroom vanity countertop which needs installation, we can help there too. We can also help build a custom wooden countertop for your bar top or workbench. 

Entertainment Center Assembly and Installation

Let the pros at Expert Level assemble and install your entertainment center so you can start enjoying it asap.  While we're assembling the entertainment center, we can also wall mount your tv, run low voltage wiring for the sound system, hang a mantle and custom build bookshelves. Let us do the work so you can relax.

Playset Construction, Installation and Repair

Purchasing the swingset for your kids is only half the battle. Now is the portion of assembling the swingset so your kids can enjoy it.  What was described by the Big Box store as a weekend project can easily take a few weeks and by the time you are done, the summer is gone. Let our pros handle the swingset assembly so your kids can play now. And because we have the experience with swingset assembly, you know it will be done and provide a safe structure for your kids to play on.  

Attic Storage Creation Services

The forgotten space in your attic can easily become extra storage by adding a floor to the space and creating a more tolerable space with proper ventilation.  Expert Level can create attic storage space and improve the ventilation within your attic at the same time.

While We're There...

We specialize in completing small to medium projects around your home, so while we're there, think of the other home projects which have been delayed or become problematic.  Many jobs we could complete same day, giving your home a quick face-lift, alleviating some of your worries around the home, and saving you time so you can get back to life. Let the trusted pros at Expert Level Home Services help with anything from garage maintenance to hanging picture frames.

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