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Receive a Free Estimate Virtually!

As we recognize the importance for social distancing and staying at home to combat the Covid-19 epidemic, we're all adjusting. Here at Expert Level Home Services, we've scaled back our handyman services to those considered essential such as malfunctioning plumbing, electrical, structural, as well as exterior projects. In general, everyone has traded dinner and movie with curbside carryout and a TikTok marathon! One of the things on that hold list may be a home improvement project you've been planning such as new lighting fixture installations or a bathroom renovation. While you are home, it may be convenient for the home improvement project to begin, but as the number of confirmed cases grow, the need for social distance and the importance of your family's health outweigh the risk of allowing tradesman in your home for work which would be considered non-essential. So what do you do?


With everything on hold, there will be a rush of calls and requests to contractors once we return to normalcy. To ensure your project is done earlier than later, ensuring your budgeting and planning is done early will keep you at the top of your contractor's project list. At Expert Level Home Services, we're proud to announce the launch of virtual estimates, where you will get an accurate estimate without anyone visiting your home! And as with all of our estimates, it is FREE! All it takes is your cell phone and 5 to 10 minutes of your time as we walk through the scope of your project.

To receive a virtual estimate, give us a call at 630-432-7274 or follow this link to send an estimate request and note "Virtual Estimate" in the description. We will then schedule a time which works for you. We can set up video conferencing through Skype, Facebook Video Messenger, Google Duo, or Zoom. If you don't already have one of these apps available, visit one of the links below to download your preferred method. Upon your scheduled virtual estimate, we'll communicate either a meeting code or contact you through your preferred app and discuss your project, answering questions and bringing you one step closer to being prepared for your project!


As we sort through this unprecedented time in history, we're all figuring it out day by day.  At Expert Level Home Services, we hope this service helps you shift your focus, just for a bit, on a bright future. We look forward to hearing from you!

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