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Basement and Attic Finishing 

Basement and attic remodeling services unlock potential for a premier living space, bedroom, play room, sports bar or storage.

Crown Molding Installation

If you are introducing the style of crown molding into your living or dining room, the pros at Expert Level can finish, paint and install crown molding to immediately bring added value to your home.  The simple installation of crown molding to your dining room, living room, and even basement can increase value to your home, create awe-inspiring reactions by guests and add another element to your design space.  While we're adding the crown molding, we can also replace door and window casing and baseboard, pre-hung doors and door hardware, including door knobs, hinges and locks.  Don't overlook the power of dimension as swapping out standard laminate doors for 6 panel doors adds value to your home.

Wall Mount TV Installation

Mounting your television on the wall saves space, creates a better viewing experience and gives your space a cleaner look by hiding cords and wires.  Hanging a wall mount television is not easy though, and can be dangerous if done incorrectly.  Be confident with the install by allowing Expert Level Home Services to perform your wall mount TV service in Naperville.  

Installation of Attic Insulation

During the cold winter months, your attic acts as a blanket keeping all of the warmth inside and keeping your family warm as well.  Expert Level can give your home a thicker blanket!  By increasing the insulation in your attic, you can slash your energy bill by 30%.  Even if you already have insulation in your attic, that insulation can settle in old homes, and many new homes had just the bare minimum installed during its build.  Your insulation doesn't just help during the winter months either, as it keeps the hot attic air from penetrating your cooled home during the summer months as well.

Attic Vents Installation

Having a well-ventilated attic promotes better energy conservation, natural mold deterrence, and a more controlled temperature within your home.  We can install added vents in your roofline to ensure your attic is staying well vented.

Entertainment Center Assembly

Let the pros at Expert Level assemble and install your entertainment center and take care of any other furniture assembly so you can start enjoying it asap.  While we're assembling the entertainment center, we can also wall mount your tv, run low voltage wiring for the sound system, hang a mantle and custom build bookshelves. Let us do the work so you can relax.

Stairwell Banister and Handrail Repair

Expert Level can add safety and beauty to your home by adding or replacing handrails to all of your staircases.  Whether we're simply installing a wall-mounted handrail to a basement stairwell, replacing missing spindles or uprights on a grand entryway staircase or installing a brand new banister, Expert Level has the experience to both beautify and ensure safety in your home.

Drywall Repair

One of the most common repairs around the house includes repairing drywall damage to your home's walls. Drywall repair also happens to be one of the most frustrating repairs in your home as because if it is not done correctly, it can return or be unsightly.  At Expert Level, we apply our experience in repairing drywall and taking care to match the existing wall in paint and texture as closely as possible. Let us take care of the dings, dents and holes in your walls to eliminate the little eye sores that you notice everyday but are too busy to take care of.  

Pool Table Repair, Refelting and Maintenance

Nothing sets up a game room or basement rec room like a quality pool table.  After time and play though, your billiard table needs releveling to keep the lines accurate.  Expert Level has years of experience in the maintenance of billiard tables.  While we level it, change the billiard felt color can add a new design spin to your room and your guests will think its a brand new table.

Create Attic Storage Space

The forgotten space in your attic can easily become extra storage by adding a floor and creating a more tolerable space with proper ventilation.  Expert Level can create attic storage space and improve the ventilation within your attic at the same time.

Hang Picture Frames, Artwork and Shelves

If you are moving into a new space or simply redesigning your existing space, something as seemingly simple as hanging artwork or shelves can be time-consuming and tedious.  Let Expert Level Home Services take care of your picture hanging services in Naperville, including artwork, mirrors and other wall mounted decoration.  We will hang frames using the correct hardware and without further damaging walls.  And shelves can be decorative or for storage.

While We're There...

We specialize in completing small to medium projects around your home, so while we're there, think of the other home projects which have been delayed or become problematic.  Many jobs we could complete same day, giving your home a quick face-lift, alleviating some of your worries around the home, and saving you time so you can get back to life. Let the trusted pros at Expert Level Home Services help with anything from elderly home accident prevention to powerwashing entryways .

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